More new material!

2013-02-09 15:46:39 by Rorrapalooza

Ladies and gents, do yourselves a favor and check out The Lip's new single: "Sweet Nothings." On the audio portal now!

In some further news, I'm gonna get y'all psyched for the future. Got this little tribute EP that I've been working on that I think everyone here will enjoy. In fact, those of you that have been keeping up with my music have already heard some of the tracks! That's right, The Lip is going to be making a Samurai Champloo tribute EP. Featuring the beatmaking talents of Tsutchie, Fat Jon, Nujabes, and Force of Nature, The Lip will be blazing a path through some edo era excellence with the EP "Samurai Sessions."

So, stay tuned for the Sam-Cham related newness coming around the corner, and definitely check out the currently available tracks from the EP:

"The Daily Grind"

"Dial Tone"

More new material!


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2013-02-09 15:52:18

Loved that anime, can't wait to see what you come up with :)

Rorrapalooza responds:

It's my second favorite anime of all time, under Cowboy Bebop. Hope I don't dissapoint!


2013-02-09 17:04:48

Not bad, not bad. Try to get a better mic.

Rorrapalooza responds:

Oh yeah, definitely. Just gotta get the money!